Background & Getting Involved


The #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter Campaign

While the public are generally supportive of the concept of clinical trials, clinical trials are often delayed or fail because of difficulty finding volunteers to participate.

This is in part because of a poor awareness within the community of clinical trials as a potential care option, and how they can get involved.

In May 2016, #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter was launched as a hashtag that can be used by anyone to tag information and stories about clinical trial participation on social media, so as to centralise content that can be shared to help promote awareness of clinical trials.

Individuals and organisations are invited to join in and help spread the message of the value of clinical trials and to celebrate those that participate in them.


How To Get Involved

Great visual social media content is just one way we can all help spread the message about the value of clinical trials.

If you have a social media account on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and are posting content that promotes awareness or or shares stories of clinical trial participation, tag them with the hashtag #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter. This will enable people to easily find this content using a single hashtag, which they can then read and/or share.

Ideally, we’d love you to take a photo or create a video that includes the hashtag #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter for sharing on social media, and there are resources you can print on the Toolkit page, if you need some help with a sign. If you don’t have your own social media accounts, but would like to participate, then just email us your photo/video and/or 140 character message, and we will post it with your permission via our social media accounts.

We also invite the contribution of guest authors on the blog, sharing their stories and passion for clinical trials.  If you are interested in writing a blog post on #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter to you, or have a written about this elsewhere and are happy for us to re-post it on our blog, please email us.

Why not take pictures of your celebrations of International Clinical Trials Day, or other research/office events that can be shared using the hashtag? Or use it as a team building exercise and cover the walls with your office/research site with messages of #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter as inspiration (and tweet a photo of it